Attack on Pakistani security forces in Margat and Luck Pass near Quetta

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Attack on Pakistani security forces in Margat and Luck Pass near Quetta

Post  بامسار بلوچ on Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:56 am

Occupied Balochistan: A check post and a convoy of Pakistani security forces were attacked near Quetta and Margat areas of Balochistan.

According to details at least four Pakistani security officials have been killed in two separates attacks on their check-post and convoys. BLA spokesperson Meerak Baloch claimed that one security men was killed and four other injured when fighters from his Organisation attack a check-point of FC in Luck Pass area in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan.

Talking to media men Mr. Baloch further said that equipment of a construction company was destroyed in Mashky Balochistan. He said his organisation has several times warned “Sher Jan Agha construction Company” to stop working at a controversial road but it did not heed to their warning.

Separately, three Pakistan FC personnel including a high ranking officer were killed and two injured when BLA fighters attacked their convoy in Maragt area of Balochistan. Meerak Baloch accepting the responsibility for the attack said it was a remote controlled blast. He vowed to continue such attack until the complete withdrawal of occupying forces from Baloch land. Two personnel of a law enforcement agency have been wounded in a hand grenade attack in Margat coal mine area of on Saturday.

Baloch Resistance Organisations constantly carry out such attack against occupying forces and construction companies in Balochistan. They say that Pakistani forces are engaged in operations against innocent people and pillage of Balochistan’s natural resources.

By : Baloch Warna

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